Cowboys For Trump Leader Mad Trump Never Locked Hillary Up

Cowboys For Trump Leader Mad Trump Never Locked Hillary Up

At a QAnon conference in Las Vegas this weekend, Couy Griffin expressed anger that Hillary Clinton was not locked up, but he was.

Do we need to talk about the fact that a QAnon conference took place at all? Who paid for that? How many attended? Were there insurrectionists planning the next rebellion? Inquiring minds want to know. But I digress…

Couy Griffin is very, very angry that Donald Trump broke his promise to the fringiest of the fringe, going so far as to break with Trump over it. I guess he missed the post-2016 election “thank-you” rally in Michigan where Trump told everyone it was just a ploy all along. “No,” he said as the crowd started to chant. “That played well before the election. Now? We don’t care.”

Couy Griffin and his Q gang definitely care.

“We supported President Trump because of his fight for justice as well,” Griffin reminded the audience. “And for four years we cried, ‘Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. We know she’s a criminal. What did the president tell us? ‘If I was in charge, [Hillary would] be in jail.'”

“Ok, Mr. President, you’re in charge of the law for four years,” he continued. “At the end of your four year time, the only ones locked up were men like me, and others like me, that have stood by the president the strongest.”

Rational people might notice that insurrectionists are not patriots, and standing by Trump is no reason to expect the actual patriots like Hillary Clinton to be locked up. But we are talking about QAnon here, which is really a Trump Republican cult wrapped up in a bundle of conspiracy theories. They aren’t rational, but they ARE Republican.

This sounds like the first volley in the wingnut segment of the Republican Party’s separation from Trump, a goal current Republican leaders support. That isn’t a good thing, because it means they’ll find a smarter, younger fascist to lead them.

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