Dan Patrick Promotes Violence Against Immigrants

Dan Patrick Promotes Violence Against Immigrants

Crazy Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick ranted during the Ingraham Angle White Power Hour on Wednesday, that the influx of migrants coming to the US will lead to violent reactions across the country.

Patrick is a mainstay on Fox News’ airwaves, usually to promote conspiracies and attack any form of immigration reform, but now he’s “predicting” violence in an encouraging sort of way.

Hyperventilating over immigration issues, Patrick made these idiotic remarks.

“For all these job openings that people aren’t taking, Biden plans to fill them with illegals from Haiti and elsewhere,” Patrick spewed.

This is a part of the Great Replacement Theory that Tucker Carlson and others in right-wing media have been transmitting.

Ingraham tried to wrap up the segment, but Patrick would not be denied fearmongering the border.

Patrick continued, “Let me tell what’s gonna happen, Laura. There’s going to be massive violence at some point in the future if Biden continues to let this happen...”

Republicans around the country are hoping for the worst to happen in America.

Many hope the stock market crashes, unemployment rises, and inflation explodes just so they can gain power in 2022.

But predicting “massive violence around the country” over an issue like immigration is despicable.

Predicting violence also puts heinous thoughts into the heads of those with a few loose marbles, and Patrick knows this all too well.

Go to hell, Dan.

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