Deranged Paul Gosar Wants New Election Before Year's End

Deranged Paul Gosar Wants New Election Before Year's End

The Arizona Republican who is one of the most reprehensible members of Congress told reporters for Under Current that he’s convinced Trump won in Maricopa County, and that there WILL BE another presidential election before the end of this year.

Gosar used to be a dentist before becoming a Trump-butt-kissing, white nationalist, insurrection-supporting member of the House. The man is such a nut that his own family helped make political ads against him and his sister has appeared on television talking about what a despicable piece of work he is.

Here’s Gosar’s nonsense from this Friday, where he pretended not to know that their ridiculous “fraudit” in Arizona was nothing but one big dud.

GOSAR: Well, it was a good start because we now know that fraud was there.

REPORTER: Yeah, they made their case very well I think.

GOSAR: Yeah, and the thing about it is, is that they weren’t given the tools to make a full disclosure.

You know Shiva’s whole point was you don’t know how many of those votes were counted and how many weren’t.

There’s plenty of ’em there, plenty of them there to actually discredit it.

REPORTER: So what’s next?

GOSAR: My suggestion was, is that we actually have some hearings and look over this batch and set a new election for Biden and Trump before the end of the year.

REPORTER: A new election before the end of the year?

GOSAR: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what I would say. Yup, yup.

REPORTER: What do you think about though, just like, president Trump won the first time?

GOSAR: Well, he did. There’s no way that he didn’t. There’s no way. No way.

REPORTER: How would that work though?

GOSAR: This year. This year.

As Windsor noted on Twitter, the video also raised questions about Gosar’s health.

Lots of folks are asking if Paul Gosar has Parkinson’s — I don’t know, but his AZ constituents deserve to know, so AZ journos should definitely ask him!

— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) September 25, 2021

I think he looks like he’s got Parkinson’s as well, and he’s blown off questions about health problems in the past. Back in 2015, Gosar claimed that the spasms in his hand were caused by an injury to his back. That might explain a problem with his hands, but it sure doesn’t explain what’s going on with his head and neck.

Here’s Gosar during a hearing back in May where he’s got similar issues.

Rep. Paul Gosar offers unequivocal defense of the January 6 insurrectionists, describing them as “peaceful patriots” who are being “harassed” by the DOJ

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 12, 2021

As Windsor said in her tweet, if he does have health issues, his constituents have a right to know. For now I’m more worried about the fact that he’s willing to destroy what’s left of our democracy in America.

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