DeSantis Has Peaceful Citizen Arrested And 'Detained' For No Reason

DeSantis Has Peaceful Citizen Arrested And 'Detained' For No Reason

A peaceful elderly Black man was hauled out in handcuffs before Gov. DeSantis held his first public press conference in three weeks. There was no reason other than he may not have been a DeSantis sycophant.

DeSantis showed what he’s capable of doing as he builds his private secret police force to enforce his actions.

Here is what Ben Frazier did to get arrested. He mistakenly believed that citizens in FL had 1st Amendment rights. Only cheering fans of Desantis are allowed to attend his events in public buildings.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) January 4, 2022

Ben Frazier told a DeSantis staffer that this is a public building and he and some friends don’t plan to move.

That staffer then tried to usher him out before the press conference but he resisted.

“Why should I leave?” he asked. “You’re having a private press conference with a public official on public property.”

DeSantis will not allow anyone who isn’t a True Believer attend his press conferences.

Frazier was then forced to defend his right to attend the press conference to another staffer or security person in video captured by a Florida channel..

“You are attempting to stop us from gathering peaceably in a public building.,” Frazier objected. “This is appalling and absurd. This is a public meeting, this is a public official, this is a public building.”

“We have a right to be here and we are not moving,” he insisted.

Finally, in the video at the top, you see Ben being handcuffed and hauled away for no apparent reason.

“Why am I being handcuffed?” he asked. “I have not done anything to anyone. Why am I being handcuffed? Why am being handcuffed Sgt. Gerald? Am I being arrested? Am I being arrested?”

A person responded by saying, “You’re being detained.”

Detained for what cause?

Even the appearance of disliking Ron DeSantis is enough for peaceful citizens to be handcuffed, hauled away, and detained.

Does that seem legal?

Fascists do what fascists do, but now when Republicans take SS type actions, they claim you are the actual destroyer of democracy.

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