Did Madison Cawthorn Marry A Russian Honeypot?

Did Madison Cawthorn Marry A Russian Honeypot?

Madison Cawthorn recently announced his divorce from Cristina Bayardelle, an Instagram fitness instructor.

But now he’s sharing the strange story of how they met — set up with a fake story by an American stranger he just happened to meet in Russia! I suspect there will be much, much more about this story, because this sounds like a national security problem:

Grant Stern on Twitter said, “Madison Cawthorn’s divorce just went from boring information to national security concern in about 77 seconds of interview time with the Daily Caller.

“This does not sound a normal meet-cute story whatsoever. Very few of these stories involving Russia are.”

“All I got from this video is that Madison Cawthorn married a honeypot,” tweeted Angry Staffer, a former White House staffer.

“Now that he’s made a complete ass of himself and spent a year trying to subvert democracy, her mission appears to be over.”

FWIW, Cawthorn is exactly the kind of person a hostile intelligence agency would target. He’s a known serial liar, so there’s plenty of blackmail opportunity just in the public record. He’s also young, decidedly *not* smart, and easy to manipulate.

— Angry Staffer (@Angry_Staffer) December 27, 2021

The inane Cawthorn honeypot story makes no sense, unless it wasn’t a legal casino. In which case, more compromat… https://t.co/1DFr9Dm49y

— Truth Sandwich🗹 🥪🇺🇸😷 🥀✂️ (@master_deli) December 23, 2021

So, if you missed this, it turns out that Cawthorn has a Russia connection. Or, to be more specific, he’s compromised.

Before he ran for Congress, he made an unscheduled (read: blatantly illegal) trip to Russia. In the real world, you don’t just hop on a boat to enter /1 https://t.co/A5ywepVftE

— Truth Sandwich🗹 🥪🇺🇸😷 🥀✂️ (@master_deli) December 23, 2021

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