Elizabeth Warren Spanks CNN: 'Why Are We Hostages To Republicans?'

Elizabeth Warren Spanks CNN: 'Why Are We Hostages To Republicans?'

CNN reporter Manu Raju used familiar Republican talking points Wednesday to bash Democrats over having issues raising the debt ceiling because the GOP is filibustering it.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was not having it.

Raju tried to tell Warren that they had no choice but to raise the debt ceiling on a partisan vote.

“What is no choice?” Warren demanded of Raju. “Why aren’t you asking the Republicans…”

“We are asking them, They’re saying they going to block it…” Raju replied.

“For what reason?” she drilled.

“You know the reason,” Raju shot back.

“Actually I haven’t heard the reason,” Warren said, in an effort to force him to repeat the lie so she could debunk it.

“[Republicans] said they’re not going to do it because of everything that’s happening on the Democratic side– agenda,” Raju said, without acknowledging that the debt ceiling increase is unrelated to current legislation, but instead concerns debt incurred in the past which is now coming due.

Warren began to laugh.

“Are we hostage to Republicans who are threatening to blow up a part of the economic system because they want to do that for politics?” she scoffed. “They are just not where we should be as a nation. None of us were elected to come here just to cause trouble so that the Republicans can get reelected.”

Wake the f**k up, Beltway media.

You are aiding and abetting seditious, unpatriotic, rebellious Republicans, who are refusing to support the full faith and credit of this sovereign nation just to score political points. Think before you trumpet their talking points next time.

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