Eric Trump On Hannity Is A Plot Against Your Sanity

Eric Trump On Hannity Is A Plot Against Your Sanity

So Eric Trump was on Hannity last night and let loose this whopper of hypocrisy.

Did you know that Joe Biden spends too much time away from the White House?

Twitter exploded. Everybody knows Eric’s dad spent one-third of his time in his so-called presidency at his private golf clubs, charging the Secret Service above market rates and milking the press and the taxpayer, as well as angling for free advertising for his properties. And don’t get me started about all the “executive time” in the White House, where he didn’t emerge from his separate-from-his-wife bedroom and DVR’d Fox prime time shows until one in the afternoon.

As Joe Biden said when he saw Trump’s in-house golf practice set up in the living quarters, What a f**king a**hole.

But Eric has done this before. On September 19 of this year, Eric told Maria Bartiromo, “I mean, you better believe, if Donald Trump had one of his lawyers going in to make up lies to the FBI to try and smear another campaign, you would have — you better believe that he would have been on every paper around the world.”

It was, Eric.

That was the weekend when all the clips from the Woodward/Acosta book “Peril” were being released, in anticipation of the book dropping on September 21.

It’s pretty obvious what Eric and Fox are up to. Eric’s handlers have found a way to get Twitter to talk about something other than Daddy being deposed in a violence-against-protestors case, as he was yesterday.

I have no doubt that Eric would do this for his dad, even though it makes him a laughing stock.

The question is, when does the Trump brand become so toxic (I’m thinking when Eric gets indicted for tax fraud) that Fox can’t host another Trump. That day may be pretty far off, but it’s coming. And then another Republican Tea Party-ish Great rebranding begins. Fox is so good at it. Watch out, Eric.

I never underestimate the power of white Republicans to forgive themselves, drop their baggage, and find a fresher cult. “I never liked the tweeting!” “I’m an independent constitutional conservative indeeepindint!”

They CASHED THOSE CHECKS with The Tea Party. Never forget.

— Frances Langum 🧶 (@bluegal) October 18, 2021

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