Even Ted Cruz' Daughter Doesn't Like Ted Cruz

Even Ted Cruz' Daughter Doesn't Like Ted Cruz

She doesn’t like his views, that’s for sure. But then who does? Also, who photoshops their own daughter because they thought she was wearing too short a crop top for a Christmas card? Ted Cruz, that’s who.

Source: Dallas Observer

In a recent video posted to TikTok, Cruz’s teenage daughter Caroline tells her followers about the pros and cons of being a senator’s kid. On the plus side, she says, she gets to travel and sometimes receives gifts and candy in the mail. Downsides include the fact that security has to shadow her wherever she goes, such as on walks through the neighborhood and to her friends’ houses.

Next, Caroline reveals another, more surprising tidbit.

“A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance,” Caroline said, “but I really disagree with most of his views.”

“Caroline also notes in the video that the Christmas card pictures had been altered so that her belly-baring crop-top fully covered her torso.” Typical Ted Cruz behavior.

My aunt somehow got onto Ted Cruz’s mailing list and can’t unsubscribe, so every year she gets a Christmas card from them. We are raging leftists. pic.twitter.com/miPy7aWxIa

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