Florida Lawmakers Wants To Put Microphones On Teachers

Florida Lawmakers Wants To Put Microphones On Teachers

The assault on teachers in this country by Republicans continues as a new bill proposed by Florida State Rep. Bob Rommel would allow cameras in the classroom as well as putmicrophones on teachers to monitor what they say.

“I think if we can do it in a safe way to protect the privacy of students and teachers, I think we should do it,” he told CBS Miami. “I haven’t heard a response good or bad from any teachers, but … it’s not their private space. It’s our children’s space, too.”

Republicans have always targeted the teachers’ unions, but after activists created the fictitious CRT debate, they are taking it to the extreme.

There are no crimes being committed in classrooms except those made up for political purposes by Republicans. This new ploy is an oppressive big brother attempt to create an environment that signals to parents that teachers are forever suspect.

Now that I think of it, the offices of Florida state legislators aren’t their private spaces either. If teachers are forced to wear microphones so parents can monitor lessons perhaps politicians should wear them for citizens to monitor them as well.

— Patrick Girouard (@drawboy) January 14, 2022

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