Former So-Called President Actually Shows Up For Deposition

Former So-Called President Actually Shows Up For Deposition

Hey look, Steve Bannon! Your personal god showed up for a deposition!

Mango Mussolini arrived at Trump Tower (Doesn’t he have a gold-plated condo there? Oh yeah he lives at the Jersey golf club.) to be video-deposed in a civil suit which alleges that he instructed Trump Tower security guards to do what’s on video from 2015. The video, aired on CNN and other outlets repeatedly today (and above) shows those guards ripping signs away from protestors and literally punching one of them.

MSNBC notes that the puncher was “Trump’s longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller, who allegedly punched a protester in the head while trying to wrest away his ‘Make America racist again’ sign.”

We predict a lot of “I can’t recall” from that traitor. Which is funny, because Mister Person Woman Man Camera TV has an excellent memory, doesn’t he?

Trump has arrived for his deposition at Trump Tower.

If you are wondering what Trump testifying under oath looks like, here is a clip from Mother Jones

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He faces depositions in at least 10 civil lawsuits.

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