Fox And Friends: Forget Florida Death Rates, Just Be Happy!

Fox And Friends: Forget Florida Death Rates, Just Be Happy!

The weekend version of Fox and Friends was co-hosted by Will Cain, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Fluffer Pete Hegseth.

They spent their time on the couch attacking Dr. Fauci over COVID vaccine rules, and then made believe that Florida is cured of its COVID problem.

It’s not.

Cain made up a pretend fact: Americans are packing up their cars and moving out of blue states and into red states because freedom!

“It’s happening in America, people of voting with their feet,” he said


Right-wing Propaganda rules!

Campos-Duffy had me giggling when she mentioned the word science in conjunction with whatever conspiracy she was putting forth.

“The science proves that out of the most lock downed states, their rates aren’t any better in terms of COVID deaths and hospitalizations than the most free states,” she claimed.

That’s another lie. Delta has ravaged red states, but California is doing excellent work.

NEW: California continues to lead the nation with the lowest COVID case rate and as the only state in the CDC’s “moderate transmission” category.

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) October 4, 2021

Duffy is also claiming millions of Americans have a natural immunity to COVID. How’s Allen West doing?

Cain replied, “To your point, you will hear this on no other news channel, I’m confident. Florida’s numbers have just absolutely, absolutely plummeted. Florida’s numbers of hospitalizations and cases have absolutely plummeted. You won’t hear that because on every other news channel, they have to continue with the DeathSantis narrative, that it’s a hellhole in Florida.”

Texas and Florida rank first and second in the country with COVID new deaths.

Fox’s Will Cain: “On every other news channel they have to continue with the Deathsantis narrative, that it’s a hellhole in Florida of people dying and people hospitalized for Covid, it is simply not true.”

Yes it’s going down, but there are nearly 200 people dying a day in FL

— Lis Power (@LisPower1) October 10, 2021

Campos-Duffy then turned juvenile.

“There’s another poll I wish somebody would take, which is a happiness poll. Let’s look at people in New York, people in Florida, who is happier? I’ve been down to Florida — people look a lot happier.

Scientific poll of how people “look” to Rachel Campos-Duffy?

Fox would MUCH rather you didn’t think about Covid at all. Never mind the failure of Agolf Twitler suggesting bleach injections on the way to his golf club.

Don’t worry, be happy!!!!!

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