Fox Doctor Likens Vaccine Mandates To Using A 'Ruler' On Kids

Fox Doctor Likens Vaccine Mandates To Using A 'Ruler' On Kids

Dr. Marc Siegel lies about whether mask and vaccine mandates work to help stop the spread of coronavirus while likening them to beating school children during a segment with Fox’s Jeanine Pirro.

Here’s Siegel pretending he’s all for school children being vaccinated just prior to the making the ridiculous assertion that protecting their health is the same as beating them with a ruler:

PIRRO: Let’s talk about the hypocrisy of the CDC recommending that kids continue to wear masks even as they’re vaccinated. What is going on?

SIEGEL: Well look, they’re actually focusing on the wrong thing, because they should focus on the idea that the vaccine works, and that if kids take the vaccine, they’re much less likely to spread it, and they need to get more testing at home, Judge, so that you actually know if you have COVID or not.

And let’s make sure that teachers get vaccinated. The people that are spreading it right now the most at schools are really, really young children who aren’t getting vaccinated, and by the way, crowding kids together doesn’t help, masks or no masks.

So they’ve got to be practical here. It’s not like you go to the back of the room and you wear the dunce cap. We know in schools that that’s not the way to teach, is it? It’s teaching, learning, exchanging. Instead there’s always this… the idea of the ruler.

Remember the ruler and the principal? That’s what the Biden administration is using, the ruler on kids, and that’s going to get nowhere. Those mandates don’t work.

Masking policies in schools do work, as do vaccine mandates, and Siegel knows it, but Fox seems determined to prolong the pandemic and kill off as many of their viewers as humanly possible, as long as they believe getting viewers worked up into a frenzy over mandates is politically advantageous to Republicans.

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