Fox Liar Jesse Watters Accuses Biden Of Lying About Fox's Own Mandate

Fox Liar Jesse Watters Accuses Biden Of Lying About Fox's Own Mandate

The lying hosts on Fox “news” seem pretty desperate to pretend their employer hasn’t had a vaccine mandate in place for months, while railing to their lemming viewers about the evils of vaccine mandates. As John Amato discussed here this week, the crew over on Fox & Friends were doing their best to parse words and call Fox’s coronavirus vaccine mandate a “protocol.”

On this Friday’s White Power Hour, former Bill O’Reilly henchman Jesse Watters was filling in for Tucker Carlson, and he pulled the same stunt while attacking Joe Biden for his performance at the CNN town hall this Thursday night. He lied about the fact that yes, Fox does actually have a vaccine mandate. They also have a daily testing option, but you have to do one or the other. You either go through the daily headache and expense of getting a COVID test, or you get vaccinated, or you don’t come to work.

Here’s Watters after his nine minute diatribe accusing Biden of being senile, pretending that just because no one’s been fired from Fox, what they have in place isn’t a “mandate.”

WATTERS: For weeks, Joe Biden has claimed that this network, Fox News, mandates that its employees take the COVID shot. That’s never been true. But last night Joe Biden once again repeated the lie.


And the crowd just nods their heads. The moderator agrees. No one corrects the lie. To be clear, not a single person has been fired from Fox for refusing to get vaccinated. Period.

He forgot to mention that pesky little detail about what they make their employees put up with if they don’t get the shot.

Fox has been railing against vaccine mandates, as though they’re something new. The network seems bound and determined to continue to kill as many of its viewers as humanly possible, and to prolong this pandemic, as long as they believe it helps Republicans and harms Democrats. It’s a sick death cult. Shame on all of them for the blood they’ve got on their hands.

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