Fox News Guest Compares Ghislaine Maxwell Case To Hunter Biden's Laptop

Fox News Guest Compares Ghislaine Maxwell Case To Hunter Biden's Laptop

After the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict came in, Fox News interviewed Brett Tolman, a former federal prosecutor. Tolman immediately castigated the DOJ for not prosecuting Hunter Biden for his laptop contents.

The Fox News host asked Tolman if the DOJ is going to be forming more task forces to help stop sex rings and other illegal activities perpetrated by the very rich and influential people who are able to protect themselves from prosecution.

“Do you see the DOJ responding with some time of similar task force for similar formalized approach to try and really eradicate these in the future?”

“We have seen that the DOJ has become more and more political and the concern that many of us have is that the department’s judgment is thrown out based on the politics of the time with a particular target of an investigation,” Tolman replied.

How was the Ghislaine Maxwell trial a political partisan affair? It was not.

“We still don’t know whether charges are gonna be brought on the laptop of Hunter Biden. We know it’s being investigated in other states by US Attorneys but we’ve heard nothing,” Tolman said.

Instead of commenting on her actual question, Tolman linked Hunter Biden, the laptop (Nobody knows if it’s his), to Epstein, to Maxwell, to underage girls, to sex crimes and ultimately to pedophilia.

What a piece of sh*t.

This is an attempt to revive the QAnon fantasy of Pizzagate.

It’s despicable.

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