Fox News Host Wants Omicron To Rip Through The Population

Fox News Host Wants Omicron To Rip Through The Population

Fox News continues to give airtime to those asking their viewers to get infected with Covid to get some sort of magical unicorn-like “herd immunity.”

On Tuesday’s edition of The Five, Rachel Campos-Duffy was that person. She was joyous that omicron isn’t killing as many people as Delta and led a cheer for mass infections.

“Omicron is very virulent, it spreads rapidly, but it appears to not be deadly so explain to me why this wouldn’t be a great opportunity to kinda let it rip through the population and get herd immunity?” Duffy asked.

Bloomberg reports that “hospitalizations rose to a seven-day average of 8,964, only half their earlier peak recorded in January. Albert Ko says, “But we still have 65,000 people who are currently hospitalized because of Covid, and we are having already 1,500 deaths a day.”

Dr. Saphier stopped short of agreeing with Duffy’s lunatic assessment and never answered her question one way or the other.

It’s almost as if Fox News and hosts like Mrs. Sean Duffy refuse to look at any of the data showing hospitalizations are skyrocketing again and many hospitals and urgent care centers are suffering from the new demand.

Can you imagine if everyone burned their masks after refusing to be vaccinated and gathered in the stadium so they can all get COVID?

Don’t forget that time Duffy insisted that children don’t die of Covid.

Dear Rachel Campos-Duffy: I sincerely hope your nanny doesn’t have to deal with nine children with Covid at your house while you’re doing your job barking mask and vaccine disinformation to the Fox News Zombies for money.

— Crooks and Liars (@crooksandliars) September 1, 2021

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