Fox News Ignoring 'Trump Campaign Knew' Story

Fox News Ignoring 'Trump Campaign Knew' Story

The Trump campaign knew. They all knew. There was no election-changing “fraud” that would have affected the outcome of the 2020 election. Trump’s lawyers knew that and pushed The Big Lie anyway.

But Media Matters reports that on Fox News, this bombshell does. not. exist.

It is not hard to imagine why Fox News would be uncomfortable discussing this campaign memo. As Media Matters has meticulously documented, Fox News itself aired all of these Dominion conspiracy theories (and more) – many times well after the date of the memo; the network is currently being sued by both Dominion and Smartmatic.

If even the Trump campaign was able to do basic research showing that these claims were false, then clearly Fox News could have as well.

Instead, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on November 16 called the conspiracy theories “convincing.” And other Fox News figures followed suit.

“Nothing to see here!” says the right-wing propaganda network that tells courts “reasonable people would not believe a word we say.”

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