Fox News' Mark Levin Hates Government Helping Families

Fox News' Mark Levin Hates Government Helping Families

Fox News host Mark Levin is horrified that the new spending bills proposed by the Biden administration will actually help American families instead of the uber-wealthy.

Levin listed many of the things the Build Back Better bill would address — universal Pre-K, child care credits, lower drug costs, expanded Medicare — and instead of informed criticism, Levin just whined because money is being spent and that’s bad business for Republicans.

Extending the child care credit is a form of giving people an annual paycheck from the government in his view, but corporate subsidies are not.

Expanding Medicare to include vision, and dental and lowering the age from 65 to 60 is a non-starter to him and forces Levin to lie about it, claiming Medicare is going bankrupt in 2-4 years.

That’s a lie.

“The Trustees from Medicare have said, ‘Hey guys, we’re going broke in two to four years’ does Congress care, no. Those of you on Medicare, you’re going to get whacked!” Levin yelled.

He’s pretending Medicare recipients are going to be taxed, or something.

What is true is that there is a solvency problem in Medicare because of Covid-19, but Medicare is not going broke.

Forbes writes, ” One more thing to understand: “insolvency” doesn’t mean bankruptcy and it doesn’t mean Medicare will stop paying beneficiaries’ expenses altogether. Far from it.”

As an aside, The Center On Budget and Policy Priorities remarks in 2019, “Last year’s report, however, showed a meaningful deterioration in the trust fund’s outlook due in part to actions, and inactions, by the Trump Administration and Congress.”

Levin even claimed every progressive bill enacted in this country was unconstitutional, even FDR’s New Deal.

Winning elections does have consequences, Mark.

Using a perturbed tone is supposed to substitute for actual criticisms of Biden’s agenda. These two bills — infrastructure and the Build Back Better plan — being discussed would do more good for the American people than anything passed in decades.

Republicans like Levin are very afraid of the Build Back Better agenda because they know it’s for the people.

They should be.

This sums it up:

if you think taking care of kids or disabled people or the elderly is “radical,” the problem — and stay with me here — is you

— shauna (@goldengateblond) September 27, 2021

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