Friday News Dump: Loser Trump's Lawyer Wrote Coup Memo, And Other News

Friday News Dump: Loser Trump's Lawyer Wrote Coup Memo, And Other News

So this memo came out this week, written by Trump lawyer John Eastman, that was intended to provide a legal pretext for Mike Pence to participate in their coup attempt. CNN and MSNBC covered it, sure, but the national networks, which have much bigger audiences, ignored it — except for the late night shows, like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. Which is weird, considering it’s a BIG F*CKING DEAL!

MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill burns down Trump’s ‘nutjob’ lawyer John Eastman: ‘You don’t belong in the law, buddy'”What’s really scary about that memo is that this man was trusted to teach law students,”

— james starosta (@jimjudistar) September 24, 2021

Update to yesterday’s story on the election memo: John Eastman tells me his two-page memo was preliminary. Here’s the longer six-page version he prepared on what he saw as Pence’s Jan. 6 options

— Jeremy Herb (@jeremyherb) September 21, 2021

This Eastman memo pretends to be based on my analysis but in fact takes snippets of my work wholly out of context and spins a totally fake web of “law” that no halfway decent lawyer would take seriously. No wonder it couldn’t fool even Mike Pence.

— Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) September 21, 2021

After the Eastman sedition memo I don’t see how DOJ avoids prosecuting Trump and accomplices.

— Jennifer ‘pro-voting’ Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) September 21, 2021

The Eastman memo should create real urgency around the need to amend the ECA.

“The fact that these ideas were considered this seriously was made possible in part by the absurd ambiguities in the Electoral Count Act, or ECA.” ⁦@ThePlumLineGS⁩

— Sarah Longwell (@SarahLongwell25) September 21, 2021


Breaking News: The Trump campaign knew days after the 2020 election that wild claims of voting machine tampering — pushed by Sidney Powell and others allied with Donald Trump — were not true, court filings show. Still, they promoted the false theories.

— The New York Times (@nytimes) September 21, 2021

The folks who mocked Joe Biden for being “too old” will now rally behind Chuck Grassley, who would be *95* at the end of his next term.

— Max Burns (@themaxburns) September 24, 2021

predictably awful debt ceiling/shutdown coverage from NYT: it’s all about “congressional dysfunction”

it’s exhausting how hard press works to not acknowledge radical/dangerous GOP;

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) September 24, 2021

The New York Times has a new self-study team. The task: how to win back trust. Read this excerpt to spot the problem: If people understood better who we are — how qualified we are — and what we do, that would fix it. In other words, it’s a marketing thing.

— Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) September 24, 2021

There have been 3 murdered within Palestinian community in Israel in 24 hours. 91 total deaths in 2021. It’s hard to overstate just how grave this issue is, and how much the Israeli government is failing 20% of its citizens.

— Mairav Zonszein מרב זונשיין (@MairavZ) September 24, 2021

They want you to see this as mass lawlessness. What is really is, however, is evidence of the impossibility of preventing people from crossing a 3000 mile border.

As for lawlessness, these people are committing a misdemeanor.

— *The* Editorial Board (@johnastoehr) September 24, 2021

The Leadership Institute (founded by Morton Blackwell) & TP USA (founded by Charlie Kirk) are training & organizing Rs across the country to take over public school boards. Blackwell & Kirk are recent CNP members, as are Bannon, Ali Alexander, & Mike

— Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢 (@jennycohn1) September 6, 2021

Does @kyrstensinema know the consequences to the wine making industry if we don’t do something drastic now about climate change? Maybe that’s the thing that does it for her

— Ryan Grim (@ryangrim) September 24, 2021

Rescue workers combing through the rubble of the pancaked Surfside condominium complex in South Florida discovered something else along with the 97 victims: about $750,000 in cash

— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 24, 2021

Kids went hungry at one Philly school this week because of staff shortages – and it wasn’t the first time students lacked food. “This is unacceptable,” one parent said. #PHLed story:

— Kristen Graham (@newskag) September 24, 2021

Breaking: Rep. Karen Bass is planning to announce that she will run for mayor of Los Angeles in 2022, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) September 24, 2021

Sam, the fourth named storm to form in less than a week, is expected to strengthen into a “major” hurricane by the weekend.

The weather system, the 18th named storm of the busy 2021 hurricane season, is not projected to immediately affect land.

— The New York Times (@nytimes) September 24, 2021


The world’s whitest paint has been created in a lab at Purdue. Scientists say it’s so white that it could eventually reduce the need for air conditioning.

— Des Moines Register (@DMRegister) September 19, 2021

I hope you all enjoy our first autumn weekend! Stay paranoid, and mask up in enclosed spaces.

Enjoy some Neil Young:

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