Grisham Vows To Fight Trump's 'Terrifying' 2024 Reelection Campaign

Grisham Vows To Fight Trump's 'Terrifying' 2024 Reelection Campaign

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham vowed to help defeat former President Donald Trump if he decides to run again in 2024.

During an interview on Meet the Press on Sunday, host Chuck Todd asked Grisham if she would actively work against Trump if he runs again.

“If I’m asked to,” she replied. “If there’s anybody who wants me to speak out or talk. Yes, I will. I think I had a very unique perspective in that I worked for the former president, I worked for Mrs. Trump and I worked for both of them at the same time.”

“I know the way they think,” Grisham added. “I know the way that they try to distract. And if there’s any way I can be helpful to help decipher some of those movements and what’s really going on, I would do that. Yes.”

“Do you think if he’s elected again, he will destroy the democracy?” Todd wondered.

“I think it will be a very terrifying time,” Grisham replied. “He’s on a revenge tour right now with the people who voted to impeach him. I think it will be nothing but revenge, retribution and how he can benefit himself. There will pardons happening. I think there will be very draconian policies that go way too far. So I believe if he is reelected again, it will be a really, really scary time.”

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