Have No Fear! Florida Man Is Here!

Have No Fear! Florida Man Is Here!

When one hears the term “Florida Man,” it usually means something strange and usually grotesque is coming, like a guy high on bath salts eating the face off another person or a Republican congressman being a sexual predator.

This Florida Man is strange, but he also proves that all heroes don’t wear capes when he captures an alligator using a trash bin – while wearing flip flops!

Bruh said by any means necessary.🤔😂 🐊 pic.twitter.com/V89Sy0auce

— J- 🌎✨ (@MajorFactor2) September 29, 2021

And you just know he is the real deal when he already has a theme song!

Here’s a folk song celebrating the Florida Man Who Caught An Alligator In A Trash Can: pic.twitter.com/ONm18l4Otc

— Jonathan Mann (@songadaymann) September 29, 2021

This story does go a long way to explain why I live where the air can hurt your face in the winter. No gators here!

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