Holiday Fill-In At Fox Says A Stupidity

Holiday Fill-In At Fox Says A Stupidity

On today’s B-side edition of Fox and Friends, guest host (and yes, we mean between-the-holidays filler) Joey Jones said he didn’t want to be polarizing, but.

Come on, Joey. They wouldn’t have you on unless you were polarizing. It’s right up there in the Fox News studio rules with being, you know, VACCINATED.

Joey concluded that sentence with “the Biden administration doesn’t want the pandemic to end.”

Koch pal Lawrence Jones suddenly believes in science when dealing with COVID, and was furious the CDC reduced the number of days a patient needs to quarantine.


Joey was up next and he went off on a ludicrous riff.

“You know I want to make a statement here, and I don’t want to be polarizing, but this is a polarizing thing in this country now,” he said.

They are polarizing because of the anti-vaxxer cretins they support.

Jones continued, “I do not believe this administration is trying to defeat this virus, and I don’t believe they are trying to prepare us to move forward with a virus.

Jones claimed that if the Biden administration was serious they would not focus on mandates, vaccines, and masks because those are polarizing issues for Trump supporters, which makes Trump supporters evil if they refuse to follow.

His solution: Focus on testing and therapeutic solutions once you catch Covid.

Jones wants only more education about what the virus will do. Huh? Has he been asleep for almost two years?

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