Hutchinson: Mandates Work, But Not If They Come From The Feds

Hutchinson: Mandates Work, But Not If They Come From The Feds

Arkansas GOP governor Asa Hutchinson agreed with Meet The Press host Chuck Todd and admitted vaccination mandates do work — but only sort of.

Hutchinson said that many workers, “Aren’t anti-vax, but they are just anti-mandate.”


This is absurd. This is why more people in red states continue to get infected from COVID and die.

Five times as many police officers have died from COVID than from being on the job, but many still are refusing to get vaccinated.

Chuck Todd actually presented evidence to Hutchinson that mandates do indeed work. With the aid of graphics, Todd explained that after mandates were put into place, vaccine acceptance rose by 30%.

“Is that not evidence that the mandates by Tyson’s and Walmart have an impact?” Todd asked.

“Well, absolutely it is does indicate that.” Asa replied.

“It’s not just there, but in our healthcare workers… There is an effectiveness there,” Todd said.

Hutchinson tried to clarify his position, saying he believes in mandates, but he just doesn’t believe in government mandates. What exactly does that mean? It means he thinks it’s wrong for a governor to impose anti-mandates on private companies.

“I am the defender of the employer’s right to provide a healthy workplace,” he stated. Define “healthy.”

Republicans have been so radicalized by right wing media, led by Fox News and Republicans in Congress, that they are refusing to keep their families and friends safe during a pandemic just to “own the libs.”

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