Idiot 45 Tells Court His Twitter Account Is 'Federal Government'

Idiot 45 Tells Court His Twitter Account Is 'Federal Government'

Well this is just precious. The so-called former president has his lawyers telling the court that he should be able to sue Twitter in Florida rather than California, just because he is “the 45th President.”

Reuters reporter Brad Heath tweeted,

Trump’s lawyers told a federal court tonight that Twitter’s forum-selection agreement — which requires that he sue the company in California (not Florida, where he sued) — does not apply to him “as the 45th President of the United States.” Trump’s argument seems to be that his Twitter account was actually operated on behalf of the government, inasmuch as he made announcements about policy. And Twitter’s TOS don’t apply to government entities that cannot accept venue limitations.

But if the court accepts the argument that Trump’s Twitter account became a thing operated by and for the U.S. government, that would seem to open up the big question of why Trump, a private citizen, would have standing to sue over it. Trump’s lawyers expressly say his Twitter account “was a government account, and not a private one when he was censored.”

If so, it’s really hard to imagine how Trump and various other people who aren’t the government would possibly have standing to sue over that.

You. Are. Not. President. Donald.

And one hopes, as usual, that your crummy lawyers got paid upfront.

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