If COVID Was A Bomb, Population Of Wyoming Would Be Wiped Off The Map

If COVID Was A Bomb, Population Of Wyoming Would Be Wiped Off The Map

As the Delta variant rages in the country, hospitalizations and death rates have climbed dramatically.

Hit hardest have been red states, led by governors who refused to mandate any CDC guidelines, like masks or vaccines.

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has pinned his political future on refusing to adhere to any guidelines and even implemented directives to punish any local municipality from instituting a mask mandate. How has that worked out for Floridians as a whole?

even with all the coverage of Florida, it just bears repeating the horror that the COVID death rate in Florida right now is on average nearly twice as high now as in the prior waves pic.twitter.com/sosKR3diRs

— Taniel (@Taniel) September 19, 2021

Since DeSantis kowtowed to the MAGA and anti-vax crowd, deaths has risen exponentially to the detriment of DeSantis’ constituents. Opening up Regeneron clinics was a political move that does not stop the spread of the pandemic. DeSantis is conducting actual death panels with his voters.

COVID cases in Texas schools are far greater this fall than last year.

Texas has just passed 60K deaths and Fox4News reports, “Deaths dropped in the spring after a deadly winter, but have accelerated again statewide in the past two months due to the spread of the delta variant. Just 49.4 percent of Texans eligible for the COVID-19 shot are fully vaccinated.”

The latest tally of deaths in this country is 674,000.

That’s more than 11 times the death total from the entire Vietnam War.

Right now if COVID was a bomb and hit either Wyoming or Vermont, their entire populations would be dead.

Dead. Done and dusted as the Brits say.

The District of Columbia, Alaska, North Dakota are coming up fast.

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