Iraq War Vet Confronts Bush, Demands Apology For War Lies

Iraq War Vet Confronts Bush, Demands Apology For War Lies

Whew. I didn’t realize just how cathartic it would be, to finally see someone publicly call out war criminal George W. Bush at a red-carpet event in Beverly Hills. Via The Daily Sabah:

“Mr. Bush, when are you going to apologize for the million Iraqis that are dead because you lied?” Iraq war vet and anti-war journalist Mike Prysner demanded.

“You lied about weapons of mass destruction, you lied about connections to 9/11. You lied about Iraq being a threat,” shouted Prysner, as Bush told him to “sit and behave.”

“My friends are dead. You killed people. You lied,” Prysner yelled as he was forcibly removed. “My friends are dead because you lied. You need to apologize! Apologize!”

As Joan Walsh pointed out in the Nation, it was pretty hard to watch Bush take part in the September 11th observances as an honored guest.

I wish Bush no harm. He should go live in peace and quiet, paint his paintings, enjoy his grandchildren. But he should never again be made the centerpiece of a grotesque extravaganza, allegedly recounting what happened on that tragic day, on his incompetent and corrupt watch. Unless he wants to tell us the truth. And apologize.

He’ll never tell the truth. He’ll never apologize. And that’s why he should be hounded until the day he dies.

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