Jacob Wohl Makes Santa's Naughty List With Racism On Gab

Jacob Wohl Makes Santa's Naughty List With Racism On Gab

Oh, Jacob Wohl, there’s gonna be a big hunk of coal in YOUR stocking this year, for stupidity!

With all the attention on Kyle Rittenhouse and the Charlottseville Nazis, Jacob Wohl wants to remind everyone he’s still a cancer on society, too. https://t.co/1kBeFv4Bct

โ€” One Million Dons (@don_hamel) November 5, 2021

Getting both Christianity AND American separation of church and state WRONG is so on-brand for Jacob Wohl. That, and being, you know, a Nazi anti-semite.

Who knew that the [totally pagan] hanging of Christmas lights is all “the Jews” need to do for “salvation”, i.e. being a “real” American! Total. Racist. Jerk.

Actually, when you think about it, Jacob Wohl equating Christmas lights with Christianity is a pretty good analogy for how the Republican party gained the reputation it has today. All of the symbols…none of the values.

โ€” Rex Zane (@rexzane1) November 5, 2021

That Jacob “why is he not in jail” Wohl tweet is especially offensive. It singles out a protected group of non-christians, a group that according to noxious christian supremacy must be converted or killed to herald in the return of their savior.

What a savior, huh?


โ€” SheWhoWillNotObey (@she_obey) November 5, 2021

Methinks Jacob was feeling lonely and wanted attention. Here’s your attention, Mr. Wohl.

You’re a racist dweeb.

No Christmas cheer for you!

Jesus was never their reason for the season .. Until Starbucks started using Happy Holidays..then they lost their shit ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’ #Hypocrites

โ€” *TickTock*TimesUp (@TimesupTicktock) November 5, 2021

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