Jan. 6th Chair: 'No Reluctance' To Subpoena Congress Members

Jan. 6th Chair: 'No Reluctance' To Subpoena Congress Members

On Meet The Press yesterday, Chuck Todd asked Rep. Bennie Thompson if the Jan. 6th committee has seen any evidence that members of Congress assisted the insurrectionist rioters.

“Yes. We have a lot of information about communication with individuals who who came,” he said.

“Now, ‘assisted’ means a different thing. Some took pictures with people who came to Stop the Steal Rally. Some, you know, allowed them to come and associate in their offices and other things during that that whole rally week. So, there is some participation. We don’t have any real knowledge that I’m aware of, of people giving tours. We heard a lot of that. But we’re still reviewing a lot of the film that the House administration and others have provided the committee.”

“Have you had any members of Congress who were part of this who have already voluntarily helped you without you having to send a letter?” Todd asked.

“Well, we’ve had a number of members of Congress to give us information on what they heard that, that might have gone on. We’ve heard directly from members referring us to other individuals. But we heard from those early on. Now, we are trying to get to those individuals that we have basically identified that they’ve participated,” he replied.

“Representative (Scott) Perry and (Jim) Jordan are two of those individuals that we’ve sent letters to, asking them to voluntarily cooperate. But there were a lot of experiences on that day, Chuck. I was in the Capitol. A lot of other members didn’t really know what was going on for quite a while, other than the fact that all hell had broken loose in a place where we thought would never happen. So, those members are concerned, but they have respected the committee’s wishes to go forward and find the facts and circumstances. And that’s what we’re doing. As you know we’ve talked to over 300 people all over the country about –“

“Do you think you’re going to have to subpoena — do you think you’re going to have to subpoena a sitting member of Congress?” Todd asked.

“Well, I think there are some questions of whether we have the authority to do it. We’re looking at it. If the authorities are there, there’ll be no reluctance on our part,” the committee chairman said.

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