Jim Jordan Cries Like A Baby As Committee Stunt Is Blocked

Jim Jordan Cries Like A Baby As Committee Stunt Is Blocked

During today’s House Judiciary Committee with Attorney General Merrick Garland, Rep. Jim Jordan flouted the rules and protocols of the committee by trying to submit videos to hearings without notice.

His stunt was shut down by Chairman Nadler.

Bitching, moaning and complaining followed. Jordan’s purpose at these meetings is to create soundbites for Fox News, and he was disappointed by a chairman who insisted the rules be followed.

The premier grievance performance Republican said he was going to play video of parents at school board meetings. This was another attempt to hype right-wing CRT nonsense.

Immediately an objection was made. Committee protocols dictate you must submit any video 48 hours before the hearing, so Jordan’s request was denied.

This happened last year with Jordan, so he knew all too well that if he tried to play the video without giving notice it would get shut down.

After whining and yelling from Jordan, Chairman Nadler read former Chairman Republican Goodlatte’s protocols back to Republicans (which they didn’t have a problem with) after they complained that no such protocol existed.

That’s out of order. This is not debatable,” Nadler said.

“What’s out of order is there is no rule that requires a 48-hour notice, that’s what’s out of order,” Jordan said.

“There is such a rule.”

“There is not. Not in our rules” Jordan countered.

Another Republican asked Nadler what he was afraid of but Nadler ignored his idiocy.

Jordan then claimed Democrats were trying to silence him. WE WISH, Jim.

We should send Jordan a few boxes of Kleenex so he could wipe his tears away. No Fox News viral moment for you, Congressman!

Garland needs to tell Jim Jordan and the rest right now (during the hearing) to stop stoking the violence against school boards thru televised oversight meetings

— Maria (@FirstCupCoffee2) October 21, 2021

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