Jim Jordan Mocks Himself In A Tweet

Jim Jordan Mocks Himself In A Tweet

Rep. Jim Jordan fully embraces the MAGA cult of anti-vaxers, but instead of “owning the libs” he owned his moronic self with a tweet about what’s “contagious.”

Lying about most of the participants he claims have joined him, Jordan tweeted this:

Kyrie Irving
Southwest Airlines pilots
Chicago police union
Parents at school board meetings
Delta Airlines
Dan Bongino

Freedom is contagious.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) October 20, 2021

It’s not odd that Jordan omitted US Airlines from his tweet and how almost all 67,000 of their employees are fully vaccinated. It’s an inconvenient fact for his death cult.

Dan Bongino is a symbol of all that’s wrong in America while Irving’s PR team must have decided this was his only play. Kyrie is still getting 18 million dollars for sitting out.

What’s actually been contagious is COVID19.

Our nation’s death total has reached 728,000 Americans, who are not free and contagious, but are dead.

You never hear Jordan or his GOP cohorts comfort any of those families and friends that are suffering through the loss of loved ones because of the virus.


It’s not part of their makeup. It doesn’t fit with their phony culture wars.

Because of Trump’s ineptitude and narcissism, we’ve suffered tremendous losses here at home while his supporters promote phony cures and snake oil remedies.

Some have suggested it’s necessary from the Republican standpoint to get “Biden’s death toll” to match Trump’s. That will never happen because of those who are vaccinated. Trump could have mitigated the impact of Covid during his term by encouraging mask usage and social distancing. Instead, he “took no responsibility” and suggested bleach and other quack cures. He also lied about how sick he was.

The Republican Party will never be able to live down the number of deaths their narcissistic god allowed under his failed watch.

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