John Oliver Roasts AT&T: 'You’re A Terrible Company'

John Oliver Roasts AT&T: 'You’re A Terrible Company'

On Sunday evening’s Last Week Tonight, Emmy award-winning host John Oliver over took apart AT&T’s role in creating and funding One America News Network, the most extreme right-wing network on the airwaves.

Oliver took his time going through court transcripts from OANN’s creator and vilified HBO’s parent company, currently involved in merger talks with Discovery.

Oliver said, “They also claim that the only reason OAN was on DirectTV was that the network had sued them. Okay, I guess the largest telecom company in the world got rolled by a rag-tag band of fascists. It happens.”

John Oliver ended on this high note.

“AT&T, I know our relationship is a little awkward, especially since you’re trying to spin this business baby off in your deal with Discovery, but while we are still technically related, let me just say this: You’re a terrible company. You do bad things and you make the world worse. Please don’t bother keeping in touch once the merger’s complete, although that really should not be a problem for you. You’re AT&T, it’s not like your messages will go through anyway.”

Right-wing oligarchs always find a way to fund their right-wing extremism. Always.

Thank you, Reuters for your investigative reporting.

Here’s the main story from the show, on Whatsapp and how disinformation is rampant among non-English speaking accounts. Because Facebook doesn’t care.

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