John Oliver Warns About Disturbing Laws That Make It Harder To Vote

John Oliver Warns About Disturbing Laws That Make It Harder To Vote

John Oliver began his latest Last Week Tonight segment with a grim look at voting rights in the U.S. and the 18 States that have passed laws so far this year to restrict people’s access to voting. Via Mashable:

“The latest attack on voting rights in America is well underway.”

Unsurprisingly, many of these efforts have been concentrated in the States that were closest in last year’s election — Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin — and (also unsurprisingly) many of these efforts target voting methods favoured by people of colour.

“Local election supervisors themselves will tell you that these bills make no sense,” Oliver concludes. “The Florida Supervisors of Elections strongly opposed their State’s new bill, with one Republican supervisor telling a reporter, ‘It’s stupid, ok? […] It was a solution looking for a problem.’

“But it’s actually one step worse than that. Because these are solutions to problems that have been deliberately and strategically manufactured. And the game is pretty obvious here: Use bullshit claims to stir up baseless fear to pass unnecessary restrictions targeting particular groups.”

And here’s the solution, he said. Via The Week:

Oliver’s solution involves getting rid of the filibuster, and he was not impressed with Biden’s optimism. “The solution to voter suppression cannot be to just vote, for the same reason that the solution to being locked out of your home can’t be to tell someone, ‘Just go inside and get the keys,'” he argued. There is, along with useful information on voting legislation, some NSFW language and digressive asides on sex with lobsters and the Wheel of Fortune wheel.

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