Joy Ann Reid Eviscerates Elise Stefanik For Her Racist Ways

Joy Ann Reid Eviscerates Elise Stefanik For Her Racist Ways

The Republican party has searched far and wide for a new fear mongering tactic to fire up their base. It used to be caravans. Now it is the Replacement Theory which is a “racist theory that immigrants were filtering out white Americans” and will allow Democrats to bring in millions of new voters to take over the country.

This is a real fear for conservative, white, racist, Republicans. They are terrified of becoming the minority and losing their grip on power. Hence, they are doing everything in their power to suppress votes and gerrymander districts ahead of the 2022 and 2024 elections to degrees never seen before. They are truly the minority party trying to maintain power through any means necessary.

Joy Ann Reid ran the clip from above, where she featured Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick spewing the Replacement Theory crap and Elise Stefanik, the number 3 GOP in the House of Representatives, pushing this in her nationwide ads.

This racist trope isn’t just on the fringe – it is THE mantra of the modern day Republican Party. And they aren’t even hiding it anymore. How long until they start wearing point white hooded robes to Congressional hearings? Maybe swastika armbands? Who will sport the Adolf Hitler moustache? Ted Cruz? Josh Hawley? You know it’s coming. They have to feed the monster to keep it satiated – if not, it may turn on them. See Liz Cheney. Feed the beast or it eats you.

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