Ken Paxton Is A Douchebag, Part Infinity

Ken Paxton Is A Douchebag, Part Infinity

The Attorney General of freedom-loving and woman-hating Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy, Ken Paxton has a unique perspective on their recent abortion ban: nearby states should thank them for the boost in interstate commerce:

In briefs filed Wednesday in the Justice Department’s challenge to Texas’ abortion ban,Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton touted the trips Texas women are making out of state to obtain abortions as a point in his favor in defending the law.

Turns out the Biden administration is using “interference in interstate commerce” as a logical argument against the Christian Taliban in this particular case.

“Opposite day!” implied the Texas Attorney General. “The abortion ban is encouraging people to cross state lines, he suggested.

“What evidence that does exist in the record suggests that, if anything, the Act is stimulating rather than obstructing interstate travel,” Paxton said, pointing to an increase in Texas women seeking to travel to Kansas and Oklahoma to obtain the procedure.

Said no one, ever: “Come for the ‘bortion, stay for the ribs!”

With permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

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