Kristi Noem's Daughter Quits Real Estate Job Mommy Gave Her

Kristi Noem's Daughter Quits Real Estate Job Mommy Gave Her

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s daughter Kassidy Peters said she is quitting the real estate business and turning in her appraiser’s license at the end of the year after an avalanche of criticism came her way.

It appears that Noem used her influence during a meeting with key people in the state agency who earlier had denied her daughter’s application.

Noem reportedly organized a meeting in her office in July 2020 to discuss “appraiser certification procedures” that included her daughter; Sherry Bren, head of the state’s appraiser certification program; and South Dakota Labor Secretary Marcia Hultman.

We reported back in September that not only did Noem haul in the agency head but also her supervisor and the labor secretary to change her mind. A week later the labor secretary was terminated. That led to an official complaint which was later withdrawn after South Dakota paid her $200,000, a gag order imposed as part of the settlement, naturally.

What’s a little nepotism between Republicans, right? But forcing a government official to do your bidding after your child didn’t qualify is criminal.

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