Laura Ingraham's Crazy New Claim: Overwhelmed Hospitals Are 'A Lie'

Laura Ingraham's Crazy New Claim: Overwhelmed Hospitals Are 'A Lie'

Fox News host Laura Ingraham attacked Dr. Fauci and President Biden on Tuesday, claiming they were sabotaging our healthcare system.

Then came her new conspiracy theory.

With graphics of Dr. Fauci and Biden hanging high, Ingraham proclaimed, “Of course we now know that when they say the hospitals are being overwhelmed it’s almost always a lie!”

Ingraham said, “With the exception of the few big-city hospitals in the US, our hospital system was stretched for sure, but it was never overwhelmed.”

“And with the Delta variant, any hospitals that were stretched usually found themselves in that situation due to staffing shortages created by the stupid vaccine mandates,” she continued before finally admitting that vaccines do help people. But of course she had to put a caveat on it for her anti-vax viewers.

There have been too many reports recently of red state hospitals being overwhelmed by the unvaccinated that she’s bordering on the insane.

When will these people who constantly lie and promote conspiracies be held accountable for lives they are destroying in the process during a national health and safety crisis during a pandemic?

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