Let's Talk About Kyrsten Sinema

Let's Talk About Kyrsten Sinema

The senior senator from Arizona is headed back to the White House for her fourth meeting with Joe Biden over the infrastructure and reconciliation bills. Here’s what we’re learning:

“The President keeps begging her, tell us what you want. Put a proposal forward,” says Rep. Ro Khanna of Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

“One Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, is holding up the will of the entire Democratic Party.” pic.twitter.com/kxVP9fGZCG

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) September 29, 2021

the funny thing about “sinema refuses to put up a number or counterproposal” is that last week (or the week before?) axios had that beat sweetener about how sinema was deep in the weeds, plugging numbers into her spreadsheets https://t.co/7QrublAKOH

— b-boy bouiebaisse (@jbouie) September 29, 2021

As I’ve pored over the numbers, it’s really not a case of whether a primary of Sinema wld weaken the Dem in the general. She’s so unpopular w potential voters I doubt she wld win a general. Primaries are virtually always damaging for the general. This is rare case where it wld ..

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) September 29, 2021

If the upshot of all of this is that Sinema betrays her party, gives them nothing on reconciliation AND gets their votes to pass her bill … that’s untenable. Better to kill the BIF. https://t.co/qE41bf1rVD via @TPM

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) September 29, 2021

Josh Marshall wrote last night:

“Let’s stipulate: Manchin is super annoying, seldom consistent and a real problem for the rest of his party. But back in December it was easy to predict he’d be playing this role. It basically makes sense in the context of his state, etc etc. You would not at all have predicted Sinema would play this role. She’s off on this quest to brand herself the bipartisan maverick back home for a number of reasons. Ironically this seems like a total misread of the political moment. She’s probably a one termer.

“But the point is this is her theory and she’s pursuing that goal. Her actions have basically nothing to do with actual policy questions. She’s using bucking her party to build a story abt herself in Arizona. Generally speaking, when people say oh they’re doing what their lobbyist pals are telling them, usually that’s BS. There’s more chicken and egg than that. With Sinema, I get the sense that may be much closer to the truth. In any case, if I were up there negotiating, I too would be most worried about her.”

Reminds me of having Sinema in my office years ago, chatting very pleasantly as she lied to my face about how she would vote on an upcoming board of directors vote.

As I’ve noted before, in thirty years of political work, I never dealt with as dishonest a person. https://t.co/LiFccmkjOA

— Nathan Newman 🧭 (@nathansnewman) September 29, 2021

Well, yes. Her own parents say she lied about growing up in a place without electricity or running water. Even after they produced utility bills, she told a reporter that’s not how she remembered it.

And here’s where we find out she’s BFF with another wack job, Meghan McCain!

But the thing I really can’t stand about Kyrsten Sinema is her little speech about the filibuster — which would require the suspension of reality, since if we don’t have the opportunity to fix voting rights, well, we’re talking about the fate of democracy. She also doesn’t acknowledge that the Republicans suspend the filibuster whenever it’s convenient. What a disingenuous piece of crap she is.

Not to mention that the whole point of giving Democrats control was for them to execute on their promises! And here’s Miss K., standing in the way in her cutesy little costumes and wigs. God, I really wish bloggers like me got to interview these idiots.

So basically, we have a spanner in the works. A liar. A narcissist. And Meghan McCain’s BFF, who “gets a little teary” anytime John McCain’s name comes up!

As Josh says: Better to kill the infrastructure bill (because Miss K. cites it as proof of her bipartisan-y prowess) than to pass it and hobble reconciliation. Speaker Pelosi can always delay sending it to President Biden until AFTER the reconciliation bill passes, and she should.

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