Louis Gohmert On Climate: People Like Slightly Warmer Temps

Louis Gohmert On Climate: People Like Slightly Warmer Temps

The world’s stupidest Texas Republican House member, (and that’s saying something, isn’t it, Ronnie Jackson?) exposed the GOP’s purposeful and willful ignorance on climate change in this brief clip.

Rep. Louis Gohmert said in the Trump years, America was producing somewhat less carbon dioxide. (lie)

“We can debate what that does to the environment. Whether it makes the temperature warmer,” Gohmert said.

No. There is no debate to be had because all credible scientists understand the effect of carbon dioxide and other factors that are causing the problems we see with global warming.

“I read where experts say if you’ve got a choice between the temperature getting slightly warmer or slightly colder, you want warmer because if it gets slightly colder that means there’s less time for crops to grow,” he said.

Gohmert continued, “If it’s slightly warmer, not too much warmer, then you got more time for crops to grow, got more time for food and you have fewer people starving.”

Is Louis saying if the US can manipulate the carbon dioxide output and control the temperatures like we do at home using thermostats — everything will be perfectly fine?

Is it any wonder Republicans refuse to lift a finger or spend a dollar fighting against global warming and climate change?

Being paid off by big oil and other energy concerns is obviously the main component at work here. Louie is only too happy to promote fictitious and idiotic analogies to deny science.

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