McConnell: Debt Ceiling Needs To Be Raised But I'm Just Not Doing It

McConnell: Debt Ceiling Needs To Be Raised But I'm Just Not Doing It

During a press gaggle earlier Tuesday, Sen. Mitch McConnell was asked if he’s worried his refusal to raise the debt ceiling will help the Democratic party.

“Are you concerned that your position on the debt ceiling could be fuel for the Democrats to change the filibuster?” a reporter asked.

“The debt ceiling needs to be addressed. The only question is who should address it,” McConnell said, ignoring the question.

Raising the debt ceiling (which should never be an issue or even part of congressional oversight) is a straight-up nonpartisan issue, but Republicans now refuse to be take part in any legislative process except when they are in the majority.

“We laid out a path for two months here that’s easily done. There’s plenty of time additionally this month to do the job,” he said.

I didn’t know he was still the Majority Leader, but the Beltway press will treat him as such.

“I hope our friends on the other side will step up and take care of it,” McConnell continued, without any acknowledgment that Republicans are filibustering it.

McConnell is sh*tting all over the Foundering Fathers, the democratic process, and the US Constitution with his level of partisan blockades and inaction.

When modern day Republicans lose elections, instead of acting like the minority party they retreat, block and refuse to participate except to bitch and moan.

This time it could end up plunging the country into a deep recession, which is exactly what McConnell hopes to do.

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