Mike Lindell's Latest Turkey Shows His Goose Is Cooked

Mike Lindell's Latest Turkey Shows His Goose Is Cooked

So tell me, C&L readers, do you feel sorry for Mike Lindell, for being so disconnected from reality, and clearly having no one in his life that gives a damn? Maybe if someone loved him, they’d stage an intervention.

Or maybe this millionaire deserves what’s coming to him. He was able to launch a successful company, PILLOWS, for crying out loud. He’s a grown man. It’s up to him to get a grip.

These days he’s going even more off the deep end than before. And that’s saying something.

As Ron Filipkowski on Twitter describes it, “Lindell has a new theory tonight that the key to getting Trump back in office is Thanksgiving dinner. He says that the families of the Supreme Court justices will put pressure on them during Thanksgiving if they don’t agree to take the case.”

Has Mike Lindell MET Ginni Thomas? She’ll be drunk dialing Anita Hill for the holidays!

So what he’s saying is Justices should be influenced by family and friends and not rule and interpret by law? Ok, just making sure. 🤡

— FC Boogax 🇨🇽 (@FCBoogax) September 24, 2021

The first problem is he thinks he can just walk into the Supreme Court and ask them to look at all the “evidence” he’s compiled like they’re some sort of fact finding task force. He obviously doesn’t understand the first thing about how the courts work.

— DFG (@dfgalvin1) September 24, 2021

Seniors waiting for the Thanksgiving Inauguration! pic.twitter.com/r9H8vZrI54

— Karma Miranda Warning (@ThirdWorldMan37) September 24, 2021

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