Mom And Son Kept Off Plane– Because Of Knives Hidden In Toy

Mom And Son Kept Off Plane– Because Of Knives Hidden In Toy

TSA officers at the Philadelphia International Airport stopped a Cortland, NY woman and her young son from boarding a plane yesterday — because of two knives sewn into the middle of a stuffed Darth Vader Bear. Say what?

Officers say the stuffed bear, which appeared to be a black bear in a space-age technology suit and cape, triggered an alarm on a security checkpoint X-ray machine.

TSA officers removed the stitches from the back of the stuffed bear and found two knives ‘artfully’ hidden inside in the middle of the bear’s stuffing.

“This is a good example of why we cannot assume that something as innocent-looking as a child’s stuffed animal is not a risk to security,” said the airports’ TSA Federal Security Director, Gerardo Spero. “Someone intentionally attempted to conceal two knives inside this 9-year-old boy’s toy for whatever reason. It was a good catch on the part of our TSA officers.”

Mom told TSA officers the bear was a comfort toy for her nine-year-old son; she will probably be fined.

Maybe there’s some explanation, right? I mean, no one really likes to eat with plastic knives — maybe they just wanted to upgrade their airborne dining experience!

I look forward to hearing more about this story.

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