New Coke Or A COVID Vaccine? MO Rep. Billy Long Wants To Know

New Coke Or A COVID Vaccine? MO Rep. Billy Long Wants To Know

Objecting to the COVID mandate in the military, auctioneer and Rep. Billy Long offered a rather bizarre analogy between a soft drink flavor and a life saving vaccine to buttress anti-vaxxers’ nonsense.

The representative from Missouri’s 7th district gave a short history lesson on the invention of Coca-Cola.

Long explained that in 1886, Coca Cola was born, but in 1980s, the soft drink company changed tastes to New Coke. The flavor was so bad that they went back to Coke classic.

“It was a terrible, terrible idea that had to be fixed,” Rep. Long explained.

He continued, “Making our military be vaccinated against their will is a terrible, terrible, idea that needs to be fixed.”

Soldiers in the military often are ordered to do things without their approval. There’s something called chain of command. Refusing a life-saving vaccine does not past the taste test, Mr. Long.

Can anyone tell me what this has to do with getting vaccinated?

Republicans love repeating catchphrases and words so maybe Rep. Long believes if he says the word “terrible” as many times as he can, he’ll get transported to Kansas?

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