Newsmax Flips Over 'War On Halloween'

Newsmax Flips Over 'War On Halloween'

Taking their cancel culture talking point as far as they can, right-wingers are proclaiming that liberals are “coming after Halloween next!”

I believe Christmas has already been canceled, right?

One Seattle elementary school decided to end its Halloween parade and that means Armageddon!

A Seattle Public Schools elementary school canceled its Halloween parade this month, saying the event has historically marginalized students of color who don’t celebrate the holiday.

Right on cue, Newsmax and wingnut provocateurs claimed Halloween is in danger of being removed.

“Move over Christmas, the cancel culture warriors are coming for Halloween,” Newsmax host Rob Schmitt exclaimed.

What’s interesting is that most strict evangelicals and religious right worshipers refuse to celebrate Halloween at all since they believe it’s based on devil doings, so I’d imagine they would be happy about it. Not that they will ever say so, if there’s a chance to yell “cancel culture!”.

There are 295 districts in Washington State, but if one school district decides to end a parade it’s Hell on earth.

By the way, Halloween Kills starts today in theaters and on the Peacock streaming service.

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