NHL Hockey Player F*cks Around And Finds Out

NHL Hockey Player F*cks Around And Finds Out

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane was suspended without pay by the NHL for 21 games after submitting a bogus COVID vaccine card.

In a statement Monday afternoon, the NHL announced that Kane’s suspension was “for an established violation of, and lack of compliance with, the NHL/NHLPA COVID-19 Protocol. Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the forfeited pay goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.”

At the time of the NHL investigation into Kane’s fake vaccine card, Kane was also facing accusations of domestic violence against his estranged wife, accusations which the NHL says could not be substantiated. He has also faced accusations in August that he was betting on NHL games.

From here, it looks like his soon-to-be-ex spilled a lot of dirt, and he got hung up on the fake vaccine card, because that one was the easiest to prove.

Kane also released a statement via the Players’ Association: “I would like to apologize to my teammates, the San Jose Sharks organization, and all Sharks fans for violating the NHL COVID protocols. I made a mistake, one I sincerely regret and take responsibility for. During my suspension, I will continue to participate in counseling to help me make better decisions in the future. When my suspension is over, I plan to return to the ice with great effort, determination, and love for the game of hockey.”

Under Kane’s current contract, he will forfeit approximately $2 million in pay for endangering his teammates and his community rather than getting an extremely safe vaccine. Instead of setting a good example for the kids who look up to him, he selfishly chose to lie his way out, and got caught.

Thus ends this chapter of F*ck Around And Find Out. Just get the vax, folks.

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