NJ Dems Unveil Funny New Ad About GOP Candidate's Swearing Ban

NJ Dems Unveil Funny New Ad About GOP Candidate's Swearing Ban

New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee just released maybe the most Jersey political ad ever, championing our First Amendment right to drop the F bomb. In 1994, Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican nominee for governor, supported a ban on cursing in the community that came with a $500 ban. Via HuffPost:

The anti-swearing measure passed the council 5-0, but the town’s police chief opposed it because it violated the First Amendment. InsiderNJ.com reported that Ciattarelli defended the policy, saying that “four-letter expletives” could violate someone else’s “right to a civil and tranquil environment.”

[…] “You’re shitting me,” one woman reacted, while others offered responses including “no fucking way,” “this is fucking New Jersey,” and “We can’t let that asshole win.”

The ad ends with this text plea that does not spell out the F-word: “Let’s show Jack how New Jersey f*cking does it. Vote November 2.”

Now, the people in the ad may or may not be actual voters, but I’m sure they speak for many New Jerseyans when they say, “What the f*ck?”

The ad is of course funny, and it may seem like a far stretch to go after this guy for something he said back in 1994, but my reaction was, “Who does that?” Who is so civically illiterate that he doesn’t understand that such a law is unconstitutional?

Maybe that’s why he spoke at Stop The Steal rallies that featured white supremacists — and lied about it:

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