North Dakota Lawmaker Catches COVID, Will Miss His Anti-Vaccine Rally

North Dakota Lawmaker Catches COVID, Will Miss His Anti-Vaccine Rally

Hoverson was reputed to be one of the most conservative members of North Dakota’s state legislature, and apparently, also one of the dumbest as helped organize an anti-vaccine mandate rally today in Bismarck. Only one slight problem, the unvaccinated Hoverson just came down with COVID.

Source: Inforum

BISMARCK — Rep. Jeff Hoverson says he tested positive for COVID-19 and won’t be attending a Monday, Nov. 8, rally against vaccine mandates that he helped plan.

The Republican lawmaker from Minot told The Forum that he tested positive on Friday, Nov. 5, and that he is taking ivermectin tablets prescribed for humans, which are designed to treat parasitic worms.

Hoverson said he is taking one pill per day and that he feels the pills are helping his symptoms. He said he’s not sure how he contracted COVID-19, but that he is a public figure and a priest, so he is around others regularly.

The North Dakota Legislature began its special session on Monday, and Hoverson said he is in Minot conducting business remotely. Lawmakers have proposed multiple bills that would curb vaccine mandates in North Dakota, and on Monday they will decide which bills will continue forward.

Hoverson told The Forum he does not believe being fully vaccinated would have helped prevent him from contracting the coronavirus.

North Dakota Republican Rep. Jeff Hoverson is an idiot. A #Covidiot of the first order.

— Barbara Malmet (@B52Malmet) November 8, 2021

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