Omarosa NDA With Trump Ruled ‘Unenforceable’

Omarosa NDA With Trump Ruled ‘Unenforceable’

It looks like this latest Trump loss can be chalked up to Trump’s failure to hire only the best people to draft his nondisclosure agreement with Omarosa in the first place. “Effectively, the arbitrator noted, certain terms were ‘so indefinite’ that there was ‘no way’ for Manigault Newman ‘to know what information should be kept confidential,’” Law & Crime reported.

Trump’s litigation counsel did not seem to do a good job, either. After a three-year fight, he will be stuck with Omarosa’s legal fees and costs, too, Law & Crime said. That’s on top of his own.

But the repercussions for Trump could be much broader than Omarosa’s win. Attorney Mark Zaid told Law & Crime, “This decision, although it is not legal precedent elsewhere, can be read as a green light for others to consider publicly speaking out concerning the truth regarding what they know about Donald Trump.”

Let’s hope they all read it exactly that way!

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