One Day Later Fake Accounts On Trump's 'Pravda' Are Hilarious

One Day Later Fake Accounts On Trump's 'Pravda' Are Hilarious

Aw, Trump’s “Truth Social” is having problems and it’s only one day old! Tengrain noted he successfully signed up for the username “Wilma Ballsdrop” at YabbaDabba @

Apparently the social media site about to give “big tech” a run for its money isn’t filtering non-existent email addresses? Oh noes.

I just successfully registered at Trump’s new social media site under the name Harry P’Ness with the email address So the site is totally ready for prime time and not a clusterfuck at all.

Try it yourself!

— Steve M. (@nomoremister) October 21, 2021

Also allegedly real email addresses?

Was just able to setup an account using the handle @donaldtrump on ‘Truth Social,’ former President Donald Trump’s new social media website.

Although the site is not officially open, a URL was discovered allowing users to sign up anyway.

— Mikael Thalen (@MikaelThalen) October 21, 2021

Somebody signed up as Mike Pence. OH COME ON. That’s gotta be a violation of TOS.

NO ONE thought to reserve the ones with Donald Trump’s name on them, I just can’t.

And don’t get us started on this aspect:

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