Politico, 'Moderates' Are Mad Biden Isn't Tanking His Own Agenda

Politico, 'Moderates' Are Mad Biden Isn't Tanking His Own Agenda

Oh, here we go. Beltway access journalists talking to “Democratic Centrists,” who are melting down that their crappy highway bill may be dependent upon passing real help for parents and seniors.

Why oh why won’t Joe Biden crack his magic whip and make HIS OWN BILL go away? Cries Politico on behalf of unnamed “Democrats.”

Josh Kraushaar tweeted this image from Politico’s email newsletter:

Nowhere in this panic piece does it mention that the reconciliation bill is a critical part of Joe Biden’s agenda. WOW.

As I’ve been saying on Twitter for a couple of weeks, a strong Progressive Caucus that doesn’t cave short-circuits the Beltway cocktail party clique, that loves their tax cuts and military-industrial complex stock holdings. Politico is pro-WELFARE for Georgetowners.

And progressives are supposed to have caved by now! Why won’t the president help tank his own agenda?

Will no one think of Peggy Noonan’s capital gains? Or the tender feelings of David Brooks’s “moderate Republicans” wish list?

There’s going to be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth this week from lifetime Washingtonians.

They need to get over it. Joe Biden wants the reconciliation package. Maybe those of you whose job it is to pay attention, were not paying attention to the Democratic platform, the Democratic race for President, the fact that Joe Biden won the election, and that the Build Back Better agenda is wildly popular with the American public.

Here’s an easy tip for the Beltway press: read the president’s tweets. You CERTAINLY know how to do that.

The President’s Build Back Better Agenda:
– will bring down the cost of health care, child care, housing, and higher education
– alongside the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, will support 4 million new jobs a year

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) September 23, 2021

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