Poor Matt Gaetz: His Friends Think FBI Is Reading His Texts

Poor Matt Gaetz: His Friends Think FBI Is Reading His Texts

Don’t feel sorry for Matt Gaetz. He venmo’d women he wanted to go with him to offshore parties.


And now according to Business Insider (paywall), Matt’s pals are hesitant to communicate with him electronically, because they’re convinced the FBI is listening in. Sad!

…when Gaetz’s friends and associates communicate with the congressman, they’re mindful of the possibility that Uncle Sam is watching them.

“It’s a natural sort of reaction,” given Gaetz’s legal predicament, one friend told Insider. “No one wants to inject themselves into anything while there’s 16 dozen people looking into everything that comes into that phone.”

It’s indeed possible that the feds are indeed watching, said Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence. In a public corruption probe involving a sitting congressman and perhaps multiple other government officials, it’s a fairly safe assumption that at some point there would have been an attempt to obtain court-authorized surveillance of Gaetz’s communications, he said.

Another so-called associate is quoted in the article saying, “Everybody’s kind of sitting back with popcorn.” OUCH.

All that surveillance might be putting a dent in your party life, eh, Matt?

Matt Gaetz hosted a fundraiser last night, it was booked to be held in the Presidential suite at Trump’s golf course, but was moved to the lobby when less than 10 people showed up.


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