Rick Santelli Can't Deny The 'Biggie' Jobs Report, But He Tried

Rick Santelli Can't Deny The 'Biggie' Jobs Report, But He Tried

Earlier today live on-air CNBC provocateur Rick Santelli got giddy over the new October jobs report, which surpassed his expectations.

While CNBC was counting down to get the latest report Santelli was on the air hoping to throw cold water on the Biden administration.

Santelli predicted 490,000 jobs created, before ever seeing any actual data.

Reading numbers in real time, he said, “I see the unemployment rate stuck, or excuse me, I’m seeing it come out in different…”

“Five hundred and thirty-one thousand, there we go, five hundred and thirty-one thousand on non-farm payrolls; private payrolls, six hundred and four thousand! Wow! That’s a biggie!”

He also gushed, “In manufacturing, double expectations! Up 16,000.”

As most C&L readers know, CNBC’s Rick Santelli was at the forefront of the tea party movement in 2009 with his rebel yell that was helped by Fox News after the global financial collapse destroyed many American households.

Santelli attacked newly-elected President Obama and the American public, or as he called them, “the losers mortgages” because a bail-out was needed.

Instead of indicting his friends on Wall Street who perpetrated their con on the US and all across the world, Santelli attacked the victims.

Please read this post from 2009: Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC And Rick Santelli to remind you of what a piece of crap Santelli is.

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